About Beatriz Bazan

Vector collage of work tasks


With experience in web and graphic design, I try to maintain a balance between visual beauty and functionality. My goal in every work is to be proud of it. My former studies (Visual & Multimedia Communication and Graphic Design) led me to my current path, focusing in learning skills I consider important in the digital evolution era (UX, HTML, CSS, JS, PHP... and of course LOL). Thank to all the geniuses that have made self-learning a world wide accessible thing.

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Because not everything in life happens in front of a laptop I also love other stuff. For example all creative crafty and DIY projects where I get my hands dirty, and also the kind of projects you enjoy with some music and a cup of green tea as crocheting, knitting and sewing.

Life outdoors is also a passion... Nature is my escape from routine, but I am a big fan of places with human beings too because human behaviour never stops amazing me... That is why I love to travel and meet new people and places.